Thursday, June 9, 2011

All we are give peas a chance

Right after Nick's 4 month check up, we tried Nick on solid food starting with rice cereal. But Nick just wasn't ready for solid food yet, so we just stopped for a while. A few weeks ago Nick became enthralled watching anyone eat. We decided it was time to try again, and Nick was ready! He was woofing down rice cereal like he was in the hot dog eating contest on Coney Island.

So now we are beginning to try other foods that mommy has cooked and pureed for him. Of course the suspense is torture because the Dr. says you need to wait 3 to 5 days after each new food is introduced to isolate allergic reactions if they occur. So this Monday while we were at Deenie's for dinner with Nick's great Aunt Betty, Nick tried peas. He liked them OK but not as much as cereal. He ate plain peas again on Tuesday and then last night he had a pea and rice cereal swirl.

Today I am making him apple sauce with yummy gala apples. Hopefully I can put a list on the blog somewhere of all the foods he tries and his first reactions. Nick is almost as excited about eating as Mommy and Aunt Gaines are about cooking for him!

Friday, June 3, 2011

4 month Check Up

When Nick went for his four month check up, we had to move pediatricians from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham. We adore our new pediatrician, Dr. Levin, he is the father of one of Gaines' close high school friends. He said that Nick was healthy, happy, and perfect! (but we already knew all of those things) He also said if we want we could begin introducing cereals and solid to Nick between 4-6 months, but he said if he didn't want to eat yet don't force it. He said Nick is a really happy, content baby and it ain't broke don't fix it!

Nick was 25 inches and 13.5 lbs

Nobody puts baby in a corner but baby!

Despite my efforts to put him to sleep on his back each night, Nick now immediately flips over and begins to scoot himself towards the end of the crib his head is facing. He scoots all the way until his head is touching the slats of the crib at the end. But he doesn't stop there, he then turns himself slightly and proceeds to push his head all the way into a corner where his head is touching the slats on the side and front of the crib. After that he sleeps like a champ, but it is the funniest routine to watch. We are so lucky to have our video monitor to be able to watch closed circuit Nick TV!

Flippy Flopping

Around 4 months, Nick began rolling over. The first few times he managed to roll frightened him, but after a couple weeks he really got the hang of it. More importantly, Nick loves the added mobility to being on his stomach! He is by no means crawling, but you would be amazed how far he can get scooting and doing his baby yoga. When he is on his stomach he can do a mean cobra that would rival any yogi, of course he has some flexibility advantages. Oh and obviously he can do a mean Child's Pose ;) 

Now that he has gotten more confident on his tummy and rolling, he is a machine sometimes traveling 5+ feet rolling over and over and over and over. You can tell he really wants to crawl, his bottom half is constantly moving like he wants to, but his arms are no match yet for his giant head!

The Easter Incident

We hosted Nick's first Easter at our new house this year for Nick's great-great-Aunt Mary Nell, his cousins, Julie, Taylor, Beth, Brittany, and Eliot; his Aunt Kim and Uncle Brian; and of course his Deenie. We were all very excited because Nick was going to wear a smocked bunny suit that his Deenie had made seven years ago for his cousin Eliot (who was born in January, so he was about Nick's size). 

We had Nick bathed, all the food made, everything ready except getting Nick dressed. We waited all morning and at the last minute, we got Nick in his precious suit and put him in his bouncy seat.
A few minute later all of our guests started arriving. True to form, as soon as Aunt Kim arrived she whisked over to the bouncy to pick up Nick! To Kim's dismay, and quickly mine and Deenie's, Nick had...well we will call it an "accident"... a huge gigantic, explosive, all over the place, chair, suit, Aunt Kim, EVERYWHERE "accident." These shenanigans reeked havoc in the house for about 15 minutes as Kim and I tried to clean Nick (and her) and Deenie got the suit clean. We had a back up suit, but Deenie got him back in that Easter suit in no time!

Mother's Day Gift

Dad got a new job in Birmingham that was going to let everyone spend a lot more time together and move Nick closer to all of his grandparents. So at the end of March, we moved from our house in Northport (outside of Tuscaloosa) to our new home @ Ross Bridge, which is a community in Birmingham, specifically Hoover. We all LOVE it here! It is a very family friendly oriented neighborhood with lots of kid of all ages. We have been able to stroll and stroll on all the sidewalk meeting lots of new friends (both human and canine)! There are lots of bike trails which should come in handy since Nick gave me a co-pilot as his first Mother's Day gift to me. It is a little cart that goes behind my bike so that he can go on rides with us once he is fully sitting up. Hopefully very soon. Here is what it looks like! We'll let you know the first time we get to try it out!

It's been a while

So it has been a really, really, really long time since our last blog post. We have all been really busy. I will attempt to catch you up with Nick with several posts today. The first culprit for our extended delay would be the move back to Birmingham over Spring Break in March. After that delays in getting the internet set up in the correct spot with the correct router delayed the blog, enough excuses. First we will catch you up with Nick's watch me grow pictures.